Friday, February 3, 2023

This Indian anchor has become a laughing stock in Pakistan


This guy who termed Indian Air Force pilots as “Baahubalis” after the protagonist from an Indian blockbuster movie, his body language and the overall description of a so-called air strike by India has made him a laughing stock in Pakistan.

As Indian Air Force (IAF) violated the Line of Control (LoC) and ran away after releasing their payload in Balakot, Indian media and government immediately started terming it “surgical strike 2” and claimed that some 300 “terrorists” were killed in the 21-minute operation.

Pakistani social media ridiculed this baseless claim and made a number of hilarious memes, this Indian anchor Shrivardhan Trivedi from ABP News’ crime show ‘Sansani’ caught everyone’s attention.

His dressing sense, dialogue delivery and the way he described the totally fictitious air strike has had everyone laughing in Pakistan.

Not only people shared the promo of his show but heartily laughed at his antics.

In his latest show, Trivedi who wanted to attack Pakistan, is sheepishly demanding the release of captured IAF pilot Abhinandan.

Can you believe it! this guy even won an award for hosting this silly crime show ‘Sansani’

The false claims explained

In the wee hours of February 26, Indian aircraft intruded the LoC near Muzaffarabad sector, however they scrambled back following timely response from the Pakistan Air Force (PAF).

Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Major General Asif Ghafoor informed in a tweet, Indian Air Force violated the LoC and the prompt response from the Pakistan Air Force compelled Indian jets to go back.

He said “facing timely and effective response from the PAF, [Indian jets] released [their] payload in haste while escaping, which fell near Balakot.” However, no casualties or damage was reported during the incident, DG ISPR added.


The very next day two IAF fighter jets were shot down by Pakistan Air Force (PAF) in broad day light. The Indian fighter jets violated Line of Control (LoC) today, and in a robust response, the PAF destroyed two aircraft of IAF inside Pakistani airspace.

One Indian pilot named Abhinandan was arrested during the operation.


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