Thursday, August 11, 2022

VIDEO: Indian boy appears to light LED bulbs with his bare skin


KERALA, INDIA: A nine-year-old Indian boy has become a local celebrity after a video went viral showing him lighting electric bulbs by just touching them.

Abu Thahir from Alapuzzha claims that he can light LED bulbs with his bare hands and feet.

The boy says that he discovered his supposed ‘talent’ when his electrician father Nazir brought home a bulb from work and it lit up as he held it.

The father testifies saying that his son’s ability is not a hoax but is completely genuine. While the video does show the bulbs lighting up social media mongers are skeptical as the camera never films his entire body which possibly could mean that electricity could be made to enter his body via one of his limbs and while his body is only acting as a conductor.

One local said:

“According to his father, he bought a bulb and after returning to home, he handed it over to Thahir to keep it safely on a rack.But as soon as Thahir held it the bulb lit up. Considering it as some prank, Nazir scolded Thahir to stop, but Thahir could not.”

“Shocked Nazir pressed the bulb to other parts of his body and to his amusement, the moment he pressed it to Thahir, it again lit up.”

“He repeated it only to learn any part of his son’s body was able to light the bulb. He considers it as a gift given by God to his son.”

There is no medical or scientific explanation as to why some people have been able to show this type of behavior. Previously reports of ‘human light bulbs’ have surfaced occasionally, even though these claims have been documented on several occasions but neither has ever been confirmed.


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