Monday, July 4, 2022

Watch: Bride copies Shahrukh Khan to propose to groom


An Indian bride copied Shahrukh Khan as she sat atop a moving car to propose to her groom in the viral video.

SRK is undoubtedly one of the most loved superstars of Bollywood and has been exemplified for his charm and romance by thousands of boys for years. This time, however, it is a ‘boss bride’ who has taken a leaf out of Shahrukh Khan’s never-ending book of romance.

A viral video circulating on social media sees a young lady proposing to her man in Khan’s iconic ‘DDLJ’ style. Clad in her wedding lehenga, the cool bride sat atop a moving white SUV as she copied the signature arm-pose of King Khan while lip-syncing a dialogue “Mujhe shaadi karni thi tumse. (I wanted to marry you)” from the Bollywood movie ‘Jalebi’.

The groom in response screamed “Haan(yes),” upon which the enthusiastic bride questioned “Haan waala haan hai ya sawaal waala haan?(A yes or a question?).”

The video was first published by an India-based fashion designer on her official account before being shared multiple times by various Instagram pages.

The now-viral video received immense response from social media users, as several appreciated the lady for her guts while a few keyboard warriors criticized her for seeking attention.


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