Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Indian extremists threaten to blow up Karachi Bakery over its name


KARACHI: Extremists in India’s Bengaluru city have threatened a bakery, named after Pakistan’s largest city Karachi, of blowing it up over its name, ARY News reported.

The radicals threatened Karachi Bakery owner to change its name or they will blow it up with a bomb.

Indian media reported that the manager of the bakery has been called and ordered to change his bakery’s name.

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A day ago, some violent elements had created furious commotion outside the bakery over its name.

This may be noted that in Pakistan’s Hyderabad city there is a very famous bakery named after an Indian city, Bombay Bakery, but no Pakistani would have thought for a second to damage it in any way.

Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday addressed the nation after Pakistan’s robust response to Indian aggression wherein Pakistan Air Force shot down two Indian fighter jets and arrested two pilots.

The premier after taking the nation into confidence over PAF’s operation invited India for dialogue and repeated Pakistan’s wish for lasting peace in the region.

“I had warned you (India) that if you opt for aggression, we will have no choice but to retaliate, I warned you don’t become the judge, the jury and the executioner. We didn’t take any action against you yesterday because we didn’t know how much damage had been done in Pakistan . Any action without such knowledge would have been irresponsible,” said PM Imran.


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