Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan meets mother of Pakistani boy stuck in India


According to an Advocate of Ansar Burney Trust, The Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan TCA Raghavan on Tuesday met with Mohammad Ramzan’s mother Razia at Karachi in presence of Shagufta Burney.

Raziz informed the Indian High Commissioner about his son who wandered into the neighbouring country in 2008.

In a story similar to deaf and mute Geeta who was stuck in Pakistan for more than a decade, Mohammad Ramazan wandered into India years ago without a passport and has been trapped there ever since.

Razia Begum, who lives in Karachi, stumbled across her son’s story and photograph on the Internet six weeks ago.

Ramazan, now aged 15, was found by the charity Childline in Bhopal, capital of Madhya Pradesh state, two years ago and has been cared for by them ever since.

Claiming he was abused by his father and stepmother, Ramazan ran away, straying into India where he wandered from town to town, sleeping and eating at shrines and railway stations before being picked up by Childline in Bhopal.

Childline director Archana Sahay said that Ramazan speaks regularly with his mother since they made contact a month ago, and the pair have exchanged videos and photographs.


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