Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Indian intrusion: Police dispatch FIR to CTD for legal action


MANSEHRA: The Mansehra police on Friday dispatched a First Information Report (FIR) pertaining to the February 26 Indian intrusion to the counter Terrorism Department (CTD) for further necessary legal action.

According to police sources, the FIR nominated Indian Air Force’s pilots, New Delhi’s government and heads of its armed forces for violating Pakistan’s airspace and releasing payloads in Balakot.

The FIR was registered at the Saddar Police Station by Constable Waqas Ahmad, who approached to the area soon after the Indian jets released its payloads at Jaba village.

The report said, “The initial investigation revealed that Indian aircraft released payloads at a mountainous area, which didn’t cause any loss of human life, except slight injuries to a local Noran Shah at his forehead. His house was partially damaged in the incident.”

Indian government and its forces had hatched a conspiracy against Islamabad after the Pulwama attack in held Kashmir, read the FIR.

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Earlier, Pakistan, on March 14, had  lodged a complaint in the United Nations Environment Assembly against India over ‘eco-terrorism’.

Pakistan had raised the matter relating to ‘eco-terrorism’ at UN Environment Assembly (UNEP) in the wake of air strikes that damaged pine trees by India.

Pakistan planed to lodge a complaint against India at the United Nations, over “eco-terrorism” in the wake of air strikes that damaged pine trees, Federal Minister for Climate Change Amin Aslam had said.


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