Saturday, March 25, 2023

Two Indian fighter jets crash after collision in Bengaluru


BENGALURU: A pilot was killed and two others were ejected safely as two Indian aircraft crashed on Tuesday after a collision, during rehearsal of the Air show in Kishan Nagar area of Bengaluru.

According to Indian media, the jets were rehearsing for the Aero India show at the Bengaluru airbase, when the incident occurred. Reports suggested while two pilots were ejected safely, one pilot succumbed to his injuries.

The Indian media while quoting, Wing Commander, Praful Bakshi, said, “Carrying out formation aerobatics is extremely dangerous, and requires hours and hours of practice.

In a separate air crash that was reported in February, last year, two of the Indian Air Force pilots were killed after their plane crashed in a remote northeastern state.

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The microlight plane crashed soon taking off for a routine sortie from Johrat airbase in Assam state.

An Indian air force official said the pilots attempted an emergency landing but the plane crashed and burst into flames.

More than 170 indian air force pilots have lost their lives in accidents in the past three decades, with crashes blamed on its ageing fleet.

Most of the accidents involve Soviet-era MIGs unflatteringly dubbed “flying coffins”. Last May two air force pilots were killed in Assam after their Russian-made fighter jet crashed near the border with China.

India is investing billions of dollars to modernise its its decades-old fleet.


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