Wednesday, March 29, 2023

This man is living in car for 17 years in forest; here’s why


An Indian man named Chandrashekar Gowda has been living inside his car for 17 years in a forest after his 1.5 acres of farmland was seized for non-payment of an agricultural loan.

According to a foreign news agency report, the man has adjusted life to the wilderness and has left the social community and has made his old white-coloured Ambassador car his home.

It is not easy to reach his abode as an individual has to cover three to four kilometres on foot inside the jungle. There is a very old but working radio placed on the car’s bonnet as well.

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He has a half-bald head with strong limbs. He has a big shave and haircut along with rubber slippers and two pieces of clothes.

The man took a short-term of INR40,000 and two-crop land from a cooperative society. However, his land went for auction as he could not return the money.

Without any shelter, he went to his sister’s home in his car. Her family member raised objections after which he went to live alone.

After reaching the destination, he placed a plastic sheet so that the vehicle remains safe from rain and sunshine. He bathes in the river which flows the forest and weaves baskets with the help of dried creepers surrounding him.

He gets groceries and food items in return after selling them.


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