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Famous Indian movies with anti-Pakistan sentiments


Albeit people from both the countries try to join hands with each other through sports and arts but extremist factions present in all the fields don’t want the countries to have a peaceful start. Indian film industry in last six decades has made countless anti-Pakistan movies but here are some movies that have broken all the records of abhorrence. By making these fabricated movies how can they even think that they are lighting up Aman ki Asha.


  • The most anti- Pakistan movie of all time is Border it gets all the applause for showing record breaking hatred. The film is also full of unrealistic facts regarding the 1971 war as most of the war was fought on the eastern wing of Pakistan and not much fighting was done by West Pakistan side. But Indians are Indians to make an heroic image of themselves they forget to mention that 1971 war was actually triumph and fought by the support of Mukti Bahini not the real Indian army heroism.


  • Although, Pakistan is not directly targeted in the movie but the terrorist group shown in it is backed by Pakistan. The terrorist hijacked Indian civilian airline to take it to Pakistani-administrated Azad Kashmir.  The film is full of verbal abuses against Pakistan which gives flare to the burning conflict between the two countries.


  • This movie revolved around an Indian terrorist racket but the people behind sending and feeding Indian militants were Pakistani Army. A senior officer of Pakistani intelligence ISI (inter security intelligence) was also shown in the movie emotionally playing with the religious sentiments of an Indian Muslim to support him. The film was about arm trades and the arsenal that was provided to Indian terrorist.


  • Gadar-Ek Prem Katha was not really a love story but a film to disgust Pakistan’s image. The story is based on Partition and its after effects. Pakistani politicians in the movie are shown cruel and malicious towards Indians. The film tells that the Pakistani politicians do nothing except humiliating Indians and they are so fragile that one Indian can crush them totally in their own country. This ridiculous film is full of verbal abuses.

  • Diljale was another anti-Pakistan movie, Pakistan’s Army was targeted in this movie who was funding some terrorist groups in India. The movie is based on a love story in Kashmir and how a patriotic guy joins terrorist group. The terrorist group is backed by Pakistani army (as always) whose officials believed in creating terrorists to accomplish their motives against India and killing them when the task is done.

  • Agent Vinod is the story based on a mission of a RAW (research analysis wing) agent. The story tells that not only common Pakistani girls fall for Indian guys but a female Pakistani ISI agent can also get allured by the charismatic looks of an Indian agent (yeah right). The film is a dumb story in which a Pakistani intelligence officer rather than supporting her own intelligence team went to protect India from an attack indirectly backed by Pakistan.


  • As the name tells LOC Kargil is based on the Kargil war 1999. The film is full of anti-Pakistan sentiments. Filmmaker JP Dutta is a champion in making films against Pakistan. It is really important to know what he went through that made him make such ridiculous movies.


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