Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Indian nurses complain against Kapil Sharma


The show has not been without controversy and has been under fire for a variety which Sharma and even the producers claim is done in a humorous light-hearted manner.

This time around Kapil Sharma has been surrounded in a different controversy as a body of nurses have filed a complaint against him. The said that the stand-up comedian has depicted the nursing profession in a negative light and have demanded a apology from him.

The All India Government Nurses Federation filed the complaint and expressed their ‘resentment over derogatory representation of nurse’.



They said the a character of the nurse portrayed by Rochelle Rao is sexist and is an insult to them. They have all demanded that the episode be removed from all platforms including the internet.

Earlier a protest was organized in Sharma’s hometown of Amritsar where they even burned effigies of Sharma. Raj Bedi, state general secretary of the Punjab Nursing Association also lashed out against Navjot Singh Sidhu who make regular appearances on the show.

‘How can Sidhu be a part of a show like this that demeans someone’s profession? He keeps laughing at jokes made about the medical profession, including those on doctors, even when his wife Navjot Kaur Sidhu is a doctor!’ he said

Kiku Shrada who also appears on the show reacted to the allegations made by the nurses saying saying, “It is all in good humor. I don’t think anyone should take it personally. We are not trying to make fun of any profession. Every character is part of some profession, and if people from every profession start objecting and protesting, then there will be no end.’


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