Thursday, August 11, 2022

Indian tea-seller paints his house in Argentina colors to support Messi


KOLKATA: A tea-seller in India’s West Bengal expressed his love for football star Lionel Messi by painting his house in the colour of Argentina’s flag.

The tea-seller, who is supporting the Lionel Messi led-side in the upcoming FIFA World Cup in Russia, has painted his three-storey house in the team’s blue and white colours.

Tea seller paints house ArgentinaMy biggest wish is to see Messi play in real life,” said Shiv Shankar Patra.

Having grown up watching the Argentine great Diego Maradona, enchanting the world and opposing defenders, eventually captaining Argentina to their second World Cup triumph in 1986, Patra hopes Maradona’s heir apparent and his ‘god of football’ Lionel Messi can lead Argentina to glory and seal his place in the annals of football alongside Maradona and Pele.

Tea seller paints house Argentina
The man displays a ‘customized’ Messi portrait at his shop

“I am an Argentina supporter. I have been one from the beginning but ever since I saw Maradona play in ’86, my love became more profound,” Patra told ANI.

Tea seller paints house Argentina

However, his hopes of watching a World Cup live from the stands were dashed as his profession does not allow him the budget needed to travel to Russia.


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