Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Induction of corrupt mafia has united nation under PTI’s banner: Imran Khan


Imran Khan has said that the removal of our government and induction of the corrupt status quo once again has united the nation under PTI’s banner, ARY News reported. 

Talking to PTI’s parliamentary party convention Imran Khan said that he feels like after 26 years of struggle the nation has understood his vision.

The PTI Chairman said that PM Shehbaz Sharif is lying about him insulting national institutions, while his own brother Nawaz Sharif abuses institutions from London. He said that he would respond to Shehbaz’s allegations in detail in his public gathering in Jehlum tomorrow.

He said that when they took charge they had severe financial issues, with the current account deficit mounting up to $20 billion. The PTI government stabilized the economy despite the challenge of a global pandemic. What we are doing is not politics but a jihad against the corrupt mafia, said Imran Khan.

He said that he wanted to perform umrah but could not due to the critical condition of the country. He challenged Shehbaz and Nawaz Sharif that wherever they go, two slogans, thief and traitor would follow them.

He added that he would give the call for Islamabad after May 20. People who can not come to Islamabad should protest in their respective areas, he added.

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He said that people will come to their protest to give Pakistan a direction and not to eat “Keemy waly naan”.

He said that overseas Pakistani’s work hard and send remittances to us while corrupt politicians steal money and send it overseas.

Imran Khan added that the govt claims that such threat letters is a common occurrence, we have let other use us like tissue papers, that is why they threat us without fearing repercussions.

He said that people like the Israeli or Indian Prime Minister’s and the blasphemer leader from Holland were happy at his ouster, which tells a lot about the current government.


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