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WATCH: Infant girl recovers from coronavirus without medication   


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As the health authorities worldwide are yet to introduce a preventive vaccine for novel coronavirus, an infant girl in China has become the first patient to recover from the disease without receiving any medication.

According to Chinese state media, a 17-day old baby girl contracted the virus as she was born to a confirmed coronavirus patient. The experts suspect that the virus could be passed from mothers to babies in the womb.

The baby was kept at an incubator in the Wuhan Children’s Hospital, where she recovered from the disease without being administered any medication. Medical workers donning hazmat suits took care of the baby during her stay at the hospital.

Doctors didn’t give her antibiotic medication because her condition was minor, the state media quoted the health authorities.

She left the hospital on Friday after making a full recovery from coronavirus on her own without the help of medication.

Mainland China reported 508 new cases, up from 409 on Feb. 23, bringing the total number to 77,658. Over 2500 people have fell victim to the disease since its outbreak.

It is pertinent to mention here that the US President Donald Trump will seek $2.5 billion from Congress to fight the coronavirus epidemic.

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Countries around the world are stepping up efforts to prevent a pandemic of the flu-like virus that originated from China late last year and has now infected more than 80,000 people, 10 times more cases than the SARS coronavirus.

The White House said more than $1 billion of the requested virus budget would go toward developing a vaccine, while other funds would be used for therapeutics and the stockpiling of personal protective equipment such as masks.

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