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The most influential people in world history


Prophet Muhammad

The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) tops the list of the most influential people of the history.  He is one of the most inspirational people to ever live and he is the reason behind the proliferation of Islam. Today around 2.5 billion people on earth practice Islam and it is all because of his influence. As Muhammad is known as the last Prophet of Muslims, the world sees him as an active reformist, humanitarian, military leader and philanthropist.

Prophet Essa

The founder of Christianity and a Prophet of Muslims Prophet Essa also known as Jesus is also one of the most influential figure on earth. Christianity is one of the most influential religions of the world and the Christians follow Hazrat Essa, his teachings have shaped the life of people who practice Christianity.


The famous Chinese philosopher, the famous Analects and a contributor of famous classic of China Confucius is also in this list. The man who is known as Chinese teacher, philosopher and politician has changed lives of many people through his teachings and ideologies.  People consult to his teaching for their personal development, accountability and spiritual devotion.

Isaac Newton

Although there have been some remarkable names in the world of since but none can match the contribution and expertise of Isaac Newton. His discovery of gravity and its theory changed the perspective of the world and he also gave an understanding of science through his 3 law of Motions. The man who was a teacher, inventor, physicist and a great scientist has influenced a large number of people to pursue his field.

Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi, Indian political leader is famous for his championing peace and rebuking violence and that is what arguably makes him in the list of most influential people. A large number of hindus follow him as their real mentor.

Albert Einstein

The man who came up with the theory of relativity is one the most influential people. He has an immense contribution in the world of science and he is known for his fight against the development of nuclear weapon and he was also the man behind the idea of USA to have nuclear weapon.


Gautam Budh is a religious leader who founded Buddhism also known as Buddha.  Bhuddhist are the people who follow the teachings and ideologies of Buddha. Just like other influential religious leaders he is considered as a savior, redeemer and deliverer.  The man has believed to have supernatural powers and he used to perform miraculous acts.

Saint Paul

Saint Paul is also known as Paul of Tarsus, He was a Jew missionary, and apostle. He is known for writing the letters in the new testament of Bible. He has a large following in Jews and Roman audiences.

Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus is the most influenced person of American history.  The sailor who traveled the world is known as the man behind exploring America and navigating the sea of other part of the world too.

Mother Teresa

The only woman in the list of most influential people is Mother Teresa. The lady completes the list as she is the symbol of charity and philanthropy. The founder of missionaries for charity is recognized as Saint by the Roman Catholic Church. She is probably the most influential woman of the world history.


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