Friday, May 27, 2022

Insulted by salesman, farmer returns with 10 lac in 30 mins to buy SUV


A car salesman’s decision of making fun of an Indian farmer, who came to buy a SUV, because of the clothes proved to be a costly mistake.

According to a journalist, a car showroom salesman made fun of farmer Kempegowda, who went to buy the SUV, after seeing his clothes in the Kumur city of the Karnataka state of India. Moreover, the shopkeeper sent the farmer away thinking he did not have INR10 let alone INR10 lacs.

Kempegowda contacted his relatives and friends for help and arranged Rs 10lacs in an hour. They went to the showroom and asked for the vehicle’s delivery vehicle on the same day.

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The showroom staff then said the car will get delivered in three days.

Kempegowda filed a police complaint at Tilaknagar police station in Tumkur for making fun of him. The two parties settled the matter after they apologized for their behaviour.

Here’s how social media users reacted.


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