Monday, June 27, 2022

Intelligence Bureau admits to collecting ‘information’ on JIT members


ISLAMABAD: The Intelligence Bureau has admitted collecting ‘information’ on members of the Joint Investigation Team probing the Sharif family in the Panamgate case.

In a reply submitted to Supreme Court, Director General Aftab Sultan said that the collection was nothing special and it was a routine to collect information of national security.

However, he strongly denied hacking into any JIT member’s social media account or harassing their family.

The IB was accused of hacking the Facebook account of Bilal Rasool, Securities and Exchange Commission Pakistan representative member of the JIT, which is also used by his wife.

He rejected the JIT’s claim that Bilal Rasool and his wife were harassed by the IB, and reports of the hacking of Facebook account were baseless and completely unfounded.

He said the IB regularly collects details of all high-level state officials, and the ‘details’ of JIT members were collected since the Panamagate case is an issue of national importance.


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