Friday, May 20, 2022

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International Journalists Remembrance Day


International Journalists Remembrance Day is being observed today in the memories of those journalists who laid down their lives while performing their duties, ARY News reported.

Pakistan is considered to be a dangerous country for journalists. Since people who stand for truth and honesty can never live a peaceful life hence  lives of such people are always in stake.

According to a report, in Pakistan at least one journalist loses life in every 30 days. Either they are a victim of target killing, bomb blast or kidnapped and killed.

At least 86 journalists have been killed since 2012. Two foreign journalists were also victimized in this regard.

Several journalists were purposely targeted and murdered because of their work while some killed in suicide blasts. Thirty-five of them were murdered deliberately because of their work.

Baluchistan remained the most dangerous province for journalists in 2013 killing at least four journalists in the line of duty. Many journalists received life threats, sometimes by security agencies and militants.

From January to April 2013, some positive actions had also been taken to support media. The United Nations Action Plan against Impunity was launched in Pakistan on March 7, seeking support efforts to promote security and safety of journalists in the country. Pakistan is one of the five pilot countries of the UN Action Plan against Impunity.

According to the latest data, several journalists were killed mysteriously since 9/11 throughout Pakistan. Half of them belonged to Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa and adjoining Federally Administrative Tribal Areas (FATA). A few of them also belonged to Afghanistan and were mysteriously shot dead in Peshawar and its surrounding areas.

Media representatives do not hold enmity with anyone, their job is to reveal the hidden truth for the people of their country. Due to their fight for truth the journalists have to face severe consequences, be it any province -Punjab or the tribal areas of Pakistan the duty of the journalists remains the same.

Today the journalist community of Pakistan is paying tribute to the martyrs of journalism who lost their lives while performing their duties to uncover the truth.


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