Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Top Iran cleric urges Hazara community to bury their loved ones


TEHRAN: Iran’s top Shia cleric Ayatullah Naser Mukarem Shirazi has penned Friday a statement Hazara Community protestors asking them to bury their loved ones killed in Macch incident earlier this week, ARY News reported.

He requested the community to bury their dead but added that it must not mean we would stand down on the demands put forward for the government.

It is binding on us to respect the bodies of the martyrs and highlighted that the Pakistani scholars, too, have advised the community to bury their dead.

He said the massacre with innocent miners causes him great pain and sorrow and advised the protestors to continue their protests within the scope of the law.

Soon terrorism will end be exterminated from the Islamic countries, Mukarem Sherazi said prayed in his statement today, adding that he prays to Allah for higher ranks of the martyrs.


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