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Is Salman Khan going to write song for Atif Aslam?


Celebrated Pakistani singer Atif Aslam is extensively loved throughout South Asia. He has starred in a number of songs produced by Bollywood big guns and written by legendary lyricists.

This superstar has never looked back ever since his ‘Aadat’ hit the top of song chart.

The popularity of our very own heartthrob singer was not confined to just Bollywood movies, he also performed in ample public and private concerts throughout the subcontinent and in other parts of the world as well.

All the performances by Aslam in concerts were well-cherished by his fans as the artiste got standing ovations for his brilliance, with “I love you” and “once more” chants.

Following the recent ban on Pakistani artistes in India, our splendid star refused to promote the song he sang for the movie ‘Daas Dev’.

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Although Aslam did not say anything about the song, but Sanjeev Kumar, the producer of this movie said, “We needed Atif for this song. He has 20 million followers on social media. Imagine the kind of traction we would have gotten if he had promoted it.”

Furthermore, Atif Aslam’s upbeat song ‘O Saathi’ got absolute admiration from his fans all around the world but the producer did not seem to be happy to display his name on YouTube.

Atif Aslam has been a pivotal fragment of the ‘Race’ sequels in the past. He has given massive hit songs like ‘Pehli Nazar Mein’ and ‘Be Intehaa’ for Race and its second part respectively.

Our favorite singer is all revved up to sing yet another song for the third sequel of the flick. Another essential component of this song is that the lyrics are penned down by none other than the official Bhaijaan of Bollywood, Salman Khan.

Upon asking about Atif’s presence despite the ban, producer Ramesh Taurani said, “Atif has been a part of every Race film and we felt he would be perfect for this romantic song. It will be a surprise for the audience.”

Well, well! We are uber-excited to see the our talented singer in yet another Bollywood song despite the ban. Seems like the B’town has not been able to fill this vacuum, created after the ban or maybe because they simply cannot resist signing the magician, Atif Aslam.

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