Sunday, November 28, 2021

Ishtiaq Ahmed, creator of Inspector Jamshed series, dies in Karachi


Ishtiaq Ahmed suffered a cardiac attack at Karachi airport today and could not sustain. He was board a flight to Lahore along with a friend Farooq Ahmed after attending the 11th International Book Fair held in Karachi.

Ahmed was extended a special invitation to attend the book fair.

Ishtiaq Ahmed wrote more than 800 novels, however he rose to fame with suspense-oriented Inspector Jamshed and Inspector Kamran series.

His first novel “Packet Ka Raaz” was published in 1972, while the novel “Imran ki Wapsi” turned out to be his last.

The writer had already written 15 more novels, according to his friend Farooq Ahmed, which will be published later.

His diction remains to be a source of guidance for present-day writers, opine linguists and senior authors.


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