Wednesday, January 19, 2022

ISIS hackers publish hit list of US military men


The Sunday Times, a British newspaper, said the hackers have links with Britain and call themselves ‘Islamic State Hacking Division’ and circulated online the names, home addresses and photographs of more than 70 US military staff, including women and urged supporters to “kill them wherever they are, knock on their doors and behead them, stab them, shoot them in the face or bomb them.”

The group has also threatened to publish secret intelligence of UK’s ministry of defence in future that would reveal Britain’s Royal Air Force drone operators.

The hit list had the heading ‘Target — United States Military’ which was circulated through Twitter and the JustPaste website.

Document containing the list said: “You crusaders that can only attack the soldiers of the Islamic State with joysticks and consoles, die in your rage!

“Your military has no courage, neither has your president as he still refuses to send troops. So instead you press buttons thousands of miles away in your feeble attempt to fight us.

“A nation of cowards that holds no bravery as you resort to sending your remote-controlled unmanned Reaper and Predator drones to attack us from the skies. So this is for you, America.

“These 75 crusaders are posted as targets for our brothers and sisters in America and worldwide to hunt down and kill.”

“In our next leak we may even disclose secret intelligence the Islamic State has just received from a source the brothers in the UK have spent some time acquiring from the ministry of defence in London as we slowly and secretly infiltrate England and the USA online and off.”

The ISIS document also contained beheaded image of the Statue of Liberty. The paper has claimed to find the names on the hit list to be genuine.


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