Wednesday, August 4, 2021

ISIS militants trying to flee Mosul disguised as women caught by Iraqi forces


MOSUL: An Iraqi Army has released pictures of Islamic State, also known as ISIS and Daesh, militants who attempted to flee Mosul disguised as women, but was caught after an embarrassing gaffe.

The forces caught the militants when one of them forgot to shave off his beard and moustache.

The ISIS fighter was trying to get away from the former militant stronghold as the city was recaptured, but didn’t quite get his escape plan right.

Dressed in women’s clothes and with elaborate make-up, the bearded man forgot to get rid of his facial hair, reported the Express UK.

In photos released by the Iraqi army after his capture, the man can be seen to have slathered on powder, eyeshadow and lipstick, even adding some beauty spots.

But the large moustache and beard as well as full eyebrows, rather give the game away.

Mosul’s Old City, which once stood as a neighborhood of densely built alleyways and homes on winding lanes, has been reduced to rubble by a months-long war to root out the Islamic State.

Date of this picture is unclear.

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said last month: “The return of al-Nuri Mosque and al-Hadba minaret to the fold of the nation marks the end of the Daesh state of falsehood.”

The practice of dressing up as a woman is not a new one, with a terror suspect in the UK attempting to throw the cops off the scent by donning a burka.


Last year, when the militants tried to flee Syria donning burqa.

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