Wednesday, October 5, 2022

Israeli PM’s family dog put in quarantine after biting guests


“We were compelled, with sorrow, to put Kaiya into quarantine, as required by law,” Netanyahu said on Facebook. He added that he had found unspecified flaws in the conditions for canine custody in Israel that he wanted legislation to fix.

The post did not say what fate might await the 10-year-old mixed breed, which was taken in by one of Netanyahu’s sons from a rescue home earlier this year.

Kaiya bit the husband of Israel’s deputy foreign minister and a lawmaker, both from Netanyahu’s Likud party, at a Hannuka candle-lighting on Wednesday. The latter victim dismissed the incident as “trivial”.

Israel’s Channel 10 TV said Netanyahu was himself also bitten by the dog that evening – an account his spokesmen could not be reached to confirm.


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