Friday, February 3, 2023

Pir SA Jafri’s quest to find Prophet Muhammad SAW’s slippers


Lahore: On 31st July, 2002, Prophet Muhammad’s SAW slippers were stolen From Badshahi mosque. The mosque which has exhibited twenty seven relics since 1883.

Pir SA Jafri, a resident of Lahore has been fighting a case against this theft for the last 15 years. He believes that the slippers were sold not stolen to the Brunei Government for billions of rupees.

“One day I woke up and saw the news that Prophet Muhammad’s slippers are stolen from Badshahi mosque. I kept quiet for 1-2 days. Third day I lost control of myself. There was a program being held by the government in Avari Hotel in which I entered and over there I said that Prophet Muhammad’s slippers have been stolen and it hasn’t moved you one bit. I tore off my clothes right there, took off my slippers. Today, it has been 15 years of my life.”

I have faced a lot of difficulties, I have climbed mountains. I have been to Quetta Peshawar Karachi without slippers. I am going to fight for the recovery of the Prophet’s slippers till my last breath.

Pir Jafri woes never to wear slippers until the slippers of the Holy Prophet are found.

“I would never wear slippers again as long as the Prophet’s slippers are not found, or wear any color but black.”

With no trace of the thieves the relics are still kept in the mosque because of the interest of the people but the security over the years has tightened.


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