Sunday, July 3, 2022

Jam Kamal demands apology from opposition over ‘rowdyism’


QUETTA: Balochistan’s Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan has demanded apology for resorting to rowdyism and rumpus in the provincial legislature, ARY News reported on Saturday.

“If the house will not be honoured, then me and you, will also not be respected,” chief minister, Jam Kamal said while talking here on the floor of the assembly.

“The people have voted you to send you in the assembly not in police station or roads,” Kamal said. “This politics will not help in progress of the province,” the chief minister said.

“The opposition’s blackmailing is inappropriate. It should not try to dictate the government,” Kamal said.

Chief Minister Jam Kamal had earlier expressed his no-confidence in Speaker of the provincial assembly Quddus Bizenjo following a violent protest at the legislature ahead of Budget 2021-22, sources said.

The members of the treasury met with the chief minister and blamed Speaker Bizenjo for being behind the incident of hooliganism.

“If he had played his role responsibly then the situation would not have been escalated to this point,” they said as sources claimed that the chief minister also expressed his no-confidence in the speaker and assured the lawmakers from the treasury to raise the matter within the Balochistan Awami Party (BAP).

The chief minister said that such a violent incident at the Balochistan assembly had never happened before and blamed the opposition for violating the sanctity of the house that is a place of honour for them.


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