Thursday, September 23, 2021

Jaranwala police arrest three suspects involved in rape of young boys


FAISALABAD: It has emerged that, after fresh cases of physical abuse with boys were reported in Jaranwala, police on Monday arrested three suspects who used to blackmail the victims by making their offensive videos while committing the horrific crime, ARY News reported.

After videos and pictures of a number of rape victims surfaced, Jaranwala police arrested three suspects involved in the callous acts of sexual abuse with young boys.

Police said the gang comprised of five members. They would trap friends of the victims as well by calling them with the victims’ help, they added.

Three out of the five suspects, Atif, Rashid Ali, and an unknown person nominated in the FIR have been arrested while two suspects, Ejaz alias Billa Don and Kashif, are on the run. Ejaz was an active member of a student union, police said.

They said the suspects would lure them into trap for sexual abuse.

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Police found offensive videos in mobile phone of a suspect, Atif, who was arrested in the murder case of a 16-year-old girl. During investigation, he revealed that he was involved in the heinous crime since the past several years.

The gang has been making the youngsters victim since 2013, police said.

ARY News Bureau Chief Arif Hameed Bhatti said such crimes were rampant in several areas of Punjab and police were not taking it seriously.

A young abuse victim revealed that many children had become victim of sexual abuse and it was an open secret. The boy told that he knew of three to five culprits and he believed that more people were involved in the evil business.

SSP Operations said police would try their best to provide the children justice and more cases would be registered against the culprits if other victims also approached the police.

A host of rape cases have recently been reported after the grisly rape-slay incident of Zainab, who was abducted on January 4 this year from Kasur’s Kot Road area. Five days after her disappearance, she was found dead and buried in a garbage dump on Jan 9.

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Zainab’s rape and murder shattered the entire nation, triggering widespread public outrage with people from all walks of life demanding an exemplary capital punishment for the perpetrator.

Violent protests had erupted in the Kasur city following the incident, resulting in the death of two people in police firing outside DC office.

The murderer was eventually arrested on January 23 after frantic police search.

The incident blew the lid on the horrifying reality of how children in a brutalized society are vulnerable to sexual abuse.

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