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Miandad’s candid revelations at ARY’s morning show!


When Miandad graced the set of Sanam’s morning show, just like his early cricketing days, the crowd erupted into thunderous applause and gave him a standing ovation. As an introduction, no words were offered for the former cricketing great but his famous tournament-winning six at Sharjah in 1986 against India, was played befittingly.

Plopping down at the couch, Miandad expressed gratitude for the hearty welcome he had been accorded. Miandad expressed contentment and satisfaction at all that he had accomplished so far in the world of cricket. He further stated that his elder’s prayers and well wishes had been instrumental in propelling him to such a lofty status. When Sanam handed him the heart-shaped prop and made him swear an oath to speak the truth, Miandad appreciated the gesture. He was of the view that truth should be spoken at all times as when one speaks a lie, he has to cover it up with a hundred lies. Javed also disclosed that in his opinion, he had scaled the heights of cricketing greatness as he always put in his best efforts and played with honest intentions.

Recalling his famous last-ball six against India at Sharjah, Miandad confessed that he knew the ball was going over the fence the moment he had hit it. “That is why I started running as soon as the ball connected with the bat,” he said, as the audience erupted into a loud applause.

Javed Miandad Famous Last ball Six Of Chetan… by shenshah_007

Javed spoke freely about his marriage and also shared an interesting secret about his better half, Tahira Miandad. To a surprised audience, Miandad revealed that even to this day, his wife was clueless about cricket and some of the game’s most simple laws! Miandad also disclosed that he was married at quite an early age and the ceremonies were carried out in a simple manner. In response to a question, the batting legend said that he considered himself lucky that Tahira was his wife.

As Sanam invited questions from the audience, Javed freely answered them without hesitation of sorts. In response to a question posed by an audience member, he said that India’s matches with Pakistan were what he looked forward to the most, when he used to play cricket. He named Australian bowler Dennis Lillee, Jeff Thompson and West Indian fast bowler Michael Holding as some pacers who troubled him during his cricketing days. Answering another question, Javed stated that India’s bowling lineup was never threatening; on the contrary, it was quite toothless!

Viewers got a taste of what the Miandad household is like when his wife Tahira was called via phone on the show and Javed’s daughter Maria showed up. Tahira confessed she knew very little, even to this day, about the game of cricket and shared a humorous story of when she left midway when Javed was batting and Pakistan seemed in trouble. Of course, Miandad ultimately saved the match by playing a responsible knock!

Maria, Maindad’s daughter also had some interesting revelations as regards to her father. Maria disclosed that she was born in 1992 during the cricket world cup that Pakistan had won, under Imran Khan’s captaincy. She also revealed that Miandad had nicknamed her Ranatunga, who was Sri Lanka’s left handed batsman. Maria also revealed that her father was very clear as regards to his children’s education and was supportive in all their failures or when the going got tough.

Javed Miandad with his daughter

Miandad was then offered to give brief comments on some famous personalities, whose photographs Sanam displayed in front of him. This is what he commented on these personalities:-

Shahid Afridi: “If only he had played with me, I would have made him into a much more prolific cricketer than he is today. He had immense talent.”

Misbah-ul-Haq: “A very good player and also an exceptional captain. In my view, he should continue playing for Pakistan until a suitable replacement of his caliber is not found.”

Wasim Akram: “One of the best fast bowlers of all time.”

Imran Khan: “I’ll simply say, he was Imran Khan-the great.”

Sunil Gavaskar: “He is my friend as well as favorite. In short, he is everything to me.”

Sachin Tendulkar: “A skilled batsman who played various good knocks. These are the types of players, whose good points the juniors should note and implement.”

Before the show ended, Miandad’s word of advice for parents was to equip their children with a decent education. He was of the view that though cricket does earn good money, it is exceptionally rare that an individual gets to play for the national side. Javed also rightfully stated that whilst you play cricket for a brief period of 10-20 years, education helps you earn a livelihood your entire life.





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