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Javeria Abbasi opens up about marriage, divorce and being a single mother


Pakistan’s entertainment industry is more complicated than we imagine, a fact that was pointed out and explained by Javeria Abbasi and Nida Yasir on the latter’s show Good Morning Pakistan on ARY Digital.

During the course of the show, the conversation meandered into particularly surprising territory when it was pointed out by Nida that Javeria’s ex-husband, Shamoon Abbasi, is also her step-brother!

While talking about Javeria’s struggle and her life in the entertainment industry, Nida shared that they once made a drama based on her life story. “Javeria’s mother and Shamoon’s father married each other,” she explained.

“People often get confused by this story, so I don’t want to create any confusion,” added Javeria, explaining that they share a different set of parents, however, the rest of their siblings share the same parents. “People get really confused whether Anoushey Abbasi is my sister or Shamoon’s. She’s actually a sister to both of us.”

Javeria went on to share the story of how she decided to marry Shamoon in the first place, concurring the fact that he was the first man in her life; she was 17 and Shamoon was 22 when they tied the knot.

“We had a scattered family, and so the idea was to bring the whole family together; I will get a father, and he will get a mother. We could all live together and share a house and a family, so it was a good idea and it worked,” she opened up.


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She even had to relocate to her maternal uncle’s house right before her marriage to Shamoon to get a proper rukhsati ceremony since she was going to live in the same house after marriage!

Javeria and Shamoon have since separated, and share a daughter Anzela Abbasi.

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