Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Jemima Goldsmith attempts to find love on dating app Tinder!


Apparently, Jemima has also started digging out suitors (or is at least trying to) on popular dating application Tinder!

The heiress-turned-activist had initially signed up for the dating application due to a magazine write up last year. However, recent reports suggest that the Britisher is making use of Tinder to shuffle for future husbands or potential boyfriends!

The pictures that Goldsmith has chosen to upload on her Tinder profile, though, are bizarre and interesting. Not the particular type of snaps one expects to find on a person’s dating profile. One picture of hers features Jemima inside a cage, held by a gorilla!

Regarding Tinder and her use of it, this is what Jemima said:-

“I think there shouldn’t just be a yes or a no swipe, this may say something more about me but I think there should definitely be a maybe swipe,” she said. “Also why not a Tinder rating like you have an Uber rating. Can’t you have a Tinder rating for perverts, weirdos and time wasters.”

Jemima Goldsmith has attracted public attention not only on account of her privileged background and good looks, but also due to her list of exes. Jemima had married Pakistani cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan in 1995. Jemima has two sons with Imran, named Qasim and Suleman. The couple divorced in June 2004 yet remained close friends.

After her split with Imran Khan, Jemima started dating Hollywood actor Hugh Grant. Jemima dated Hugh from 2005 to 2007. The 41-year-old millionaire then started dating prominent singer Russell Brand in 2013 and the two seemed serious. Yet again, Jemima and Brand parted ways in September 2014, leaving the heiress single again.

Jemima’s ex-husband Imran Khan tied the knot with BBC weather presenter Reham Khan, in January of this year. Jemima had wished Imran well and thanked Pakistani supporters who had voiced their admiration and love for her by stating:-



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