Saturday, October 8, 2022

‘Jhooti’: Iqra Aziz garners praise for effortless portrayal of an over-ambitious girl


As expected, ARY Digital’s ‘Jhooti’ started with a bang as the first episode received rave reviews on social media especially for the lead actress Iqra Aziz.

Iqra Aziz plays Nirma, an over-ambitious girl, who day-dreams about being rich and wealthy despite belonging to a well-to-do family, a loving father (played by Tauqeer Nasir) and a caring mother (played by Asma Abbas) and brothers who wish her well.

As her mother is looking to get her married, she openly tells her that she needs a wealthy husband and not necessarily a caring one.

Her sister-in-law, comes up with a suitor, Nasir (played by Ahmed Butt) who runs a grocery store but Nirma hates grocers (her father being one).

The whole family tries to persuade her that Nasir, who owns a house and a shop, is a good match and will prove to be a caring husband but Nirma categorically refuses to accept his proposal.

But her story is not a simple one, she has a friend named Samina, whose lifestyle she tries to copy.

As Nirma tells her that her family wants her to marry Nasir, a “parchoon wala” (grocer), Samina advises her to look beyond his looks and lifestyle and somehow force him to transfer his property (his shop and house) in her name.

The first episode is a hit and the second episode’s teaser shows she will also create a scene on her wedding day.

The drama’s first teaser had shown Nirma falsely accusing her husband of domestic violence, so the excitement is all time high about what step Nirma might take next.

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