Saturday, August 13, 2022

JI plans 'million march' against Charlie Hebdo on Jan 23


While addressing a press conference here on Tuesday, JI leaders, Mian Muhammad Aslam and Zubair Farooq told that a rally will be held in Islamabad on January 23, during which the devotees will march from Faizabad to Zero-Point, recording their protest against the blasphemous publications by French satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo.

“The rally will be led by the JI emir, Sirajul Haq”, they added.

“The issue of blasphemous sketches is quite sensitive”, said the JI leaders. “Silence of the world powers and the international institutions on the issue is regrettable”.

They stressed on the need of measures to be taken on international level to prevent such publications.

They also lamented that the government other than passing a resolution from the Parliament, did not take any measure regarding the issue.

Moreover, Mian Aslam and Zubair Farooq urged all the Muslim states to unite on a single platform and fight back such conspiracies of the enemies of Islam.


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