Friday, September 24, 2021

Terrified ‘Joker’ fans walk out of cinemas mid-movie


The highly anticipated yet controversial film of the year, Joker is already on the floors. However, some viewers found it too scary and walked out of theatres early. 

The movie hit screens on Friday and it was reported that some viewers left their seats midmovie as they found it “too dark and scary”.

Theatregoers are taking to Twitter to let other fans know.

“Walked out of The Joker. I couldn’t do it,” wrote one.

Another said “I’ve just walked out of the Joker. Maybe I was naive in going/didn’t realise what an origin story would be like, maybe because I live with someone with MH [mental health], it was just far too dark for me to be able to watch.”

A viewer remarked his mind and body didn’t recover even after 12 hours of walking out of the cinema.

“I walked out of the joker movie 12 hours ago and my mind and body still have not recovered,” he said.

Despite controversy and security concerns, Joker laughed its way to a new record at the domestic box office. The R-rated comic-book movie scored $93.5 million over the weekend, becoming October’s biggest launch of all time as of now.

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