Monday, June 27, 2022

Jumma Biryani: Recipe to cook Karachi’s viral dish revealed!!


KARACHI: Karachi is famous for its Biryani and now there is a new kind of dish, Jumma Biryani, that is trending in the city and we have its recipe to share with the netizens.

The Jumma Biryani is only being sold on Friday at Karachi’s Saddar area and the love of it has compelled not only people from Karachi but other areas of the province to visit the shop.

“We have been selling this Biryani for the last six years, however, it only got famous nearly four years back thanks to social media,” one of the owners of the Biryani said while speaking during ARY NEWS program, Good Morning Pakistan.

When asked why it is being called Jumma Biryani, he said that the name got famous after it is being sold on Friday only. “We however have a branch at Jamshed Road where it is being sold seven days a week,” he said.

Sharing the reason behind its loved taste, he said: “We use fresh boneless beef meat besides also using minimum oil.”

Here’s the recipe for Jumma Biryani

Sharing the recipe of the dish, the owner said that it included, two-kilogram boneless meat, Saila rice boiled two hours prior to cooking, mid-size potatoes, oil, 125 grams of yoghurt, three-tablespoon mashed garlic, 250-gram tomato paste, 50-gram green pepper, two-tablespoon mashed red chilli, one tablespoon Haldi [turmeric].

The recipe also included Garam masala, salt, Aloo Bukhara [plum], food colour yellow [Zarday ka rang], Hara Dhaniya [Coriander], jaifal [Nutmeg], javitri, and kewra.

While sharing the cooking process for Jumma Biryani, he said that first of all pour some oil in the cooking pot and then add mashed garlic in it and cook it unless it gets a reddish look. “Now add green pepper, tomato paste, red chilli, Haldi, salt to the pot and cook it for some time,” he said.

Now add meat to the dish and after it gets boiled add potatoes and then yoghurt paste to it, he said and added that now add rice and leave it for some time. “The famous Jumma Biryani is now ready to be served!!”


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