Saturday, July 31, 2021

Junaid Akram urges to educate citizens through TikTok


Social Media expert Junaid Akram advised the people to use platforms like TikTok that have massive reach, to educate people.

He was talking at a webinar organised by TikTok for awareness on using the short-video app and other digital platforms under the community guidelines.

The webinar, held on the theme of Digital Wellbeing, featured Jamin Tan, Head, APAC Regional Product Policy, Trust & Safety at TikTok; Jehan Ara, Member TikTok APAC Safety Advisory Council; and Junaid, was moderated by senior journalist Afia Salam.

Junaid who recently joined TikTok to further expand his audience said that, after joining TikTok the diversity of the audience has increased. “The penetration of TikTok is so deep that goes into the remotest areas of Pakistan. Since I started developing knowledgeable and creative content on TikTok that audience from different areas of Pakistan became my audience,” he said.

“The growth on TikTok is phenomenal. It spreads so quickly. As I mostly create comedy content so I try to deliver some knowledge through my content and try to educate the masses about different fields and issues,” he added.

Junaid while giving reference of other countries said that people of different countries are using this platform to spread knowledge and awareness. “The users of TikTok are all around the country, we can use this to spread awareness and educate people. This is what’s happening globally. Even I make some experimental 15-30 seconds videos that are effective,” he said.

He also mentioned that the onus of creating safe content lies on the content creators. “Everyone has the right to express themselves but they should act responsibly. I never upload irresponsible and unsafe content on my account. It is user’s responsibility to create some creative and useful content. Unsafe content is not what TikTok or any creator promotes,” he said.

The speakers at the event also highlighted that TikTok has its community guidelines in different languages so that every user can read them and create content accordingly, the users are monitored, content found in violation of the guidelines is removed, safety is crucial, and a minor if detected to have created an account and uploaded content is monitored.

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