Monday, August 8, 2022

K-Electric seeks another hike in power tariff


ISLAMABAD: K-Electric has sought an increase in power tariff under quarterly fuel adjustment by Rs0.57 per unit, a joint secretary of the power division said.

The power division official said that the power tariff of the K-Electric will be increased under adjustment for the first three months of 2022.

“The power tariff of K-Electric is already fewer than other companies,” he said, adding that despite an increase, the sole power utility in the country will get a subsidy of Rs3.98 per unit.

The NEPRA officials said that the average tariff for K-Electric is Rs25.52 per unit and after an approval in tariff hike, it will rise to Rs26.08 per unit.

Moreover, the NEPRA announced that it has launched a probe into a technical fault in Guddu power plant as its closure is resulting in Rs350 million losses.

“We are also keeping an eye on Neelum Jhelum project and an error could be identified after clearing the project’s tunnel of water,” the NEPRA said.

Recently, the National Electric Power Regulatory Authority has raised power tariff for K-Electric consumers by Rs11.37, an Rs0.01 less than demanded by the power utility.

The approval was given in terms of fuel adjustment charges for June 2022 and the increase will not be applicable for life-line consumers.

The K-Electric has demanded a hike in power tariff by Rs11.38 and while justifying it one of its spokesperson said that it was for a month in terms of FAC and was as per the NEPRA rules. The power utility blamed hike in prices of furnace oil in international markets by 42 percent from March to June 2022 behind the increase.

“The RLNG prices also rose by 50 from March to June,” a spokesman for the K-Electric said.


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