Thursday, October 6, 2022

In a first, mountaineers climb up K2 summit in winters


SKARDU: Setting a world record, a group of Nepal mountaineers have successfully climbed up Friday world’s second highest mountain K2 as they become first to scale the summit in winters, ARY News reported.

According to the details, the Nepalese men comprising 10 mountaineers become first to summit K2 in winters as Himalayan peak was the only one remaining to be scaled in winters out of all 14 top summits of the world.

The Nepalese men admittedly faced the most stringent and inclement circumstances as they marched up the mountain top led by Mengma Sherpa.

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Sherpa, as he acknowledged Pakistani hospitality and congratulated the country for having this record made, said it was a dream coming true for him and the team.

It may be noted that K2 summit is 8611 meters high which only comes second to Mount Everest which trails it by 200 meters. However, in the winters, the Himalayan range can be deadly which is the reason it has not been scaled until now.

The attempts in the past have taken about 86 lives as the records tell.


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