Sunday, September 26, 2021

Veteran actor Kaiser Nizamani reveals reason behind long hiatus


Kaiser Nizamani is among the legendary television actors of Pakistan and is still regarded as one of the best actors of the 90s but why have we not seen him in any TV play for long?

The actor known for record breaking PTV plays like “Sassi Punnu” and “Yeh Zindagi”  and many others revealed the reason behind his long break from TV during a Q&A session in ARY News show ‘Har Lamha Purjosh’.

In the Wednesday episode of the show, the show’s host Waseem Badami asked him the reason while revealing that Kaiser once told a director that he has refused to work in plays for he only gets fatherly characters.

“Yes I said that,” the actor contended.

The host then asked him if he still wishes to appear as a hero? upon which Kaiser Nizamani said that his point is that the characters he is getting are meaningless.

“Look, these days no dramas are being made with strong male characters, they (the producers) give me a supporting role of a father and then after a few episodes, your character dies and you are out of the play, I wish to work but the role I get must have some substance,” said Nizamani.


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