Sunday, November 27, 2022

Protest against arrest of religious, political leaders turns violent in Karachi


KARACHI:  Police on Monday clashed with protesters of a religious group who blocked vehicular traffic at the National Highway causing massive traffic jam at Shara-e-Faisal.

The religious group’s workers continued their protest in Karachi’s Malir area this morning against arrest of some leaders of the group after recent targeted killings in the city.

According to latest reports, several protesters have been arrested after they pelted the law enforcers with stones. Reportedly, couple of police officers were also injured in the clash.

Police used tear gas shelling and aerial firing in an attempt to disperse the protesters, who were obstructing railway tracks in the area and bringing morning traffic along the National Highway to a standstill.

The protesters regrouped after an initial attempt at dispersing the crowd. Police officials talked with the crowd leaders to restore the traffic flow on the road. The protesters are demanding release of their leaders arrested after rising graph of targeted killings in the city.

Policemen detained a number of protesters during skirmishes with the protesters who resorted to stone throwing at policemen injuring at least one police official.

Massive traffic jam at the National Highway also disturbed the traffic flow at Shara-e-Faisal – the key traffic artery of the metropolis. Long queues of vehicles witnessed at roads due to the road block by the protesters.

Schoolchildren and teachers failed to reach schools in Malir, Model Colony, Airport and adjoining areas causing forced closure of the schools.

Scores of people seen leaving public transport vehicles to walk to their offices and workplaces.


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