Thursday, August 11, 2022

Karachi blast: building management writes to SBCA requesting demolition halt


KARACHI: The management of the apartments block in Gulshan e Iqbal area whose building suffered a deadly explosion earlier this week has written on Friday to building control authority its concerns on demolishing the dilapidated building; requesting it to stop immediately, ARY News reported.

The provincial building authorities have decided to demolish the ramshackle part of the residential building that sustained explosion in the Gulshan e Iqbal area on Wednesday claiming five lives while injuring over a dozen

However, fearing the possibility of further damages to adjacent buildings and structures with “non-professional workers” carrying out razing of parts of the building, the management has written a letter to Director General of Sindh Building Control Authority, a copy of which remains with ARY News.

The management has pleaded the concerned authorities to halt the demolition work and instead “assign the professional staff to avoid any further damages to the adjacent blocks”.

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Earlier it was reported that SBCA began razing down the dilapidated structure in the Karachi’s East district after.

Reportedly, at least two floors and two shops in a portion of the building have suffered irreparable damage.

SBCA has said that it will be able to finish the demolition process of the decrepit part of the building within three days from now. It has apprised the security agencies of the city about the demolition plans.

It maybe pertinent to note that citing its initial investigation Bomb Disposable Squad said that it couldn’t find any evidence from the spot that could imply the explosion was caused by explosive material and thus suggested it was triggered by a possible gas leak.


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