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‘Ho Mann Jahaan’ trailer release: ARY Films’ latest project set to be 2016’s biggest blockbuster


Needless to say, everyone absolutely loved the trailer very much. Aptly, the happening Ocean Mall was selected as the venue to release Ho Mann Jahaan’s trailer. The place was abuzz with excited fans, media personnel and bloggers clogged the place as excited cameramen sifted from one location to another, in an attempt to get the best click of the crowded venue. Preparations were done well in advance but the event kick-started when lead actress Mahira Khan showed up, surrounded by a strict contingent of security guards.

After the guests were properly seated, the cast of the film made their way into the theatre and occupied the first row. Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui was spotted, looking suave with his hair swept back, followed by Mahira Khan who looked effortlessly beautiful in a dark blue attire. Asim Raza, dressed in a suit along with Nimra Bucha, also made their way into the front row. The lights were dimmed, the speakers started to play sound and a deep hush descended on the audience, as the attendees focused their attention towards the giant screen.

One look at the trailer and you could tell Ho Mann Jahaan will turn out to be a blockbuster. The story of three young, free-spirited individuals living it up in college and then pursuing their passions, was what everyone in the audience connected with. Hurdles, obstacles and challenges prevent the youths from following their passion, which is music. The trailer has it all; from the melodious songs,humorous dialogues (one which involved makhan lagana), a water fight and better yet, Mahira Khan grooving to a track.

As soon as the trailer ended, the audience erupted into a loud cheer and the sound of thunderous applause reverberated from the theatre. After that, Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui, actor as well as co-executive producer of the movie, was called on-stage to share his thoughts on the movie.

“It’s a beautiful film, which was made by not just a team, but a team that is also more of a family, a clan,” he said. Thunderous applause followed. “We’ve made this movie with much dedication, love and effort. After seeing the movie, I leave it up to you to decide whether the film entertains you or you yourself end up falling in love with it,” he said, taking his seat back to the front row.

Next came Founder and CEO of ARY Digital Network, Salman Iqbal, to say a few words about the movie.

“First of all, let’s have a huge round of applause for the Pakistani film industry,” he said and the crowd assented, with the theatre echoing with applause. “I remember, there was a time when we didn’t even have movies to put up. Now, the cinema business is thriving and our own local movies are releasing one after the other.”

“A good script, talented actors, a brilliant director, the right producers and some masala are needed to ensure a movie becomes a success. With Ho Mann Jahaan, I think we have everything that we need to make it a blockbuster,” he said, as the sound of claps erupted.

“We’ve given you two blockbusters already in the form of Wrong Number and Jawani Phir Nahi Ani. This will be undoubtedly 2016’s biggest blockbuster till date,” said Salman Iqbal.

After both the esteemed guests had spoken, all eyes once again turned to the screen as some interesting BTS clips were shown to the audience. Mahira Khan was seen replicating the dance steps again and again, trying to get them right. Adeel Husain, Sheheryar Munawar and Mahira Khan were seen to be fooling around at the sets.

A surprising revelation from the BTS footage was also the fact that Pakistani heartthrob Fawad Khan would also do a cameo in the movie. It was interesting to hear Mahira Khan’s hilarious tales of how she learnt driving due to a scene in Ho Mann Jahan. A Fawad Khan clip at the end of the video (in which he urged the audience to watch the movie by stating “I endorse it”) roused the audience.

A Q & A session was held, in which bloggers and journalists hurled questions at the cast and crew of Ho Mann Jahaan. Director Asim Raza was asked as to how he would describe the film’s genre.

“See, this is one of the most toughest jobs for me,” he said. “This movie is a mix of everything, it contains a lot of humour, music, romance and drama itself. It is a mix of everything.”

Another journalist wanted to know why the name Ho Mann Jahaan, to which Asim Raza candidly replied,“It simply urges you to follow what your heart or Mann says.”

Another journalist belonging to a fashion magazine, asked Asim Raza as to who he would have cast, if Sonya Jehan would have said no to the role.

“Then there wouldn’t have been that particular character in the movie,” said Asim. “Whenever I see a script, automatically the character takes shape and the actor or actress I want to portray that role also appears before my eyes. If that particular person does not agree to the role, then I create a new one. Hence, to sum it up, had Sonya not played that role for me, I would have taken the character out of Ho Mann Jahaan and you would see a new one altogether.”

Finally, Mahira Khan spoke when a journalist belonging to a local TV channel prodded her to not stay silent and answer her question as to whom she enjoyed working more with, Sheheryar Munawar Siddiqui or Adeel Husain and urged her not to be diplomatic about it.

“I’ll tell you which one of the two I enjoyed working with more, outside the theatre, in your ear,” quipped Mahira and the whole theatre burst out laughing. “Well, you see Sheheryar and Adeel are two very different actors. With Adeel, I had to be more hands-on and pep myself for a very serious performance. Like, I had to inhibit a professional sense when I had to shoot with Adeel. But when it came to shooting with Sherry, it was like ‘Chalo bhai aaj thoda halka hath rakhte hain‘ (let’s keep it relaxed for today),” she said and more hearty laughter followed.

As guests ambled past one by one, a shopper filled with a Tshirt, poster and CD were handed to the public. It seemed absolutely clear to all who had been part of the festivities; Ho Mann Jahaan will cause a frenzy at the box office!

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