Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Covid calamity: Karachi hospitals’ demand for oxygen cylinders ‘may turn into crisis’


KARACHI: With the second wave of COVID tightening its grip on the hospitals augmented by seasonal flu and cold episodes synonymous with winter season, oxygen cylinders have reportedly gone short in the metropolis, ARY News found Thursday.

Many hospitals in Karachi report oxygen cylinder shortage as some dealers have reportedly hiked their profit margin with increasing demand.

Dealers, however, say oxygen companies are based in Port Qasim and due to blockading on city roads following Machh massacre, the delivery has been delayed.

With Sharea Faisal blockading, the trucks to deliver oxygen cylinders to city hospitals have failed to make supplies timely and the dealers fear if the situation persisits, the shortage of oxygen can turn into crisis, the dealers said.

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It may be noted that the dealers admitted that due to making profits in the winter season, the supply is often halted in the city.

It is important to realize that Covid patients even after recovering from virus-led complications still need oxygen cylinders at home for a while as evident from a number of cases.


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