Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Large number of dead fish wash Karachi’s Seaview beach


KARACHI: A large number of dead fish have washed up the Seaview Beach of the port city and the stench in the area driving people away from the beach, ARY News reported on Saturday.

The people used to visit the beach said they were unable to bear the foul smell in the area. Hundreds of dead fish is said to be littering the shore.

Time and again the media reports about dead fish found in large number littered in the beach areas of Karachi.

“This seemingly strange occurrence of dead fish littered at beaches, was not because of some environmental pollution related issue,” WWF-Pakistan’s technical adviser on marine fisheries, Moazzam Khan said. “These water species reach to beach in large scale due to change in water flow in the post monsoon period”, the WWF-Pakistan expert said.

“If it was caused by pollution other types of marine life also likely to be seen littered among the fish”.

“The fish having habitat at the edge of the sea move to the beach due to shortage of oxygen,” Moazzim Khan added.


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