Wednesday, August 10, 2022

KARACHI: SSP guards shoot dead a dog for barking on his pet peacock


The news emerged on social media when the dog’s owner posted it on twitter.

One of the social media users, who had cognizance about the issue, wrote, “SSP Fida Hussain’s police guards shot Zehra Abid ‘s pet dog day before yesterday. For barking at the SSP’s pet peacock which might or might not need a licence to keep as a pet…

The policeman discharged a weapon in a residential area over no provocation, no threat to anyone’s life, did not resort to any other method of resolving the situation. Her father was holding the leash so the bullet whizzed passed an unarmed citizen. I won’t talk about the unbelievably painful experience of losing a pet who become family members because I’m not sure we’ve evolved enough to see animals as valuable enough for news.”


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