Friday, February 3, 2023

Karachi: World Call office set ablaze for transmitting Geo TV


ARY News correspondent, Shah Nawaz Shah reported exclusively from the site of the incident that unknown provoked people set ablaze the zonal office of the World Call located near ‘Do Talwaar’, Clifton, for transmitting Geo TV broadcasts.

Meanwhile, chairman of Cable Operators Association, Khalid Arain has condemned the incident of burning of World Call cable system. He stated that incident was an outcome of broadcasting Geo TV transmission.

He said that if the situation remained the same, then it will be difficult to continue the transmission.

Cable operators have time and again informed about threats regarding broadcasting Geo TV, for people are still aggrieved and raged over the blasphemy of Sahaba e Karam (RA) and Ahl e Bait (RA) committed during a program of Geo TV, a few months ago.

People were also aggrieved, when the media organization had tried to defame the prime intelligence agency of Pakistan and its chief and accused them of involvement in an attack on its anchorperson, Hamid Mir.

A severe reaction had come from the civil society upon baseless allegations framed upon a key security institution, immediately after the attack and without even the initial investigations of the event.

Earlier in Sadiqabad, a similar incident had taken place when the system worth lacs of rupees, of a local cable operator was burnt by unknown people for the same reason.


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