Karachi’s vinyl music library is home to 25000 plus records

In the middle of Pakistan’s financial hub Karachi, Muhammad Hussain a music lover is continuing the legacy of his father by collecting vinyl discs in a two-bedroom apartment.

Hussain’s music library is home to 25000 plus records that have Pakistani, Indian, English and Punjabi songs.

“I have almost 90 per cent of Pakistani songs that were released back in 1947”.

In 2006, Hussain’s father was forced to close his music centre because of the digital revolution, but after completing college, Hussain did not let his father’s collection waste.

“People all around the World contact me and ask for the records they want, sometimes I give them away if I have extra copies sometimes they send me their collection,” he said.

Hussain said he is always looking for the records that he doesn’t have in his collection, he believes that the sound quality in original records cannot be found on YouTube or any other digital format.

“The sound quality of the record is so clean that when you listen to it, it will feel as if the musician is singing right in front of you,” Hussain said while inserting a record in a vintage gramophone.

Asked how people around you react when they know about your collection, to which he said, “it’s a very difficult task as some of them make fun of what am I doing in this digital era? but I think nothing matters if you are passionate about something.”