Friday, August 12, 2022

Kate Middleton warned of ‘endless comparisons’ with Princess Diana


Duchess Kate Middleton of Cambridge ‘can never win’ the game she is facing with the ‘endless comparisons’ to her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana, claimed a royal commentator.

Highlighting the regular comparisons between Kate and Diana, for notable similarities, Daniela Elser – a columnist and royal expert – warned that this would only get ‘magnitudes worse’ when Kate will eventually wear the title of ‘Princess of Wales’ previously held by her mother-in-law.

In reference to her pictures from Armed Forces Day, shared by the palace over the past weekend – which prompted comparisons between the Duchess of Cambridge and People’s princess – Elser wrote for a foreign-based news portal: “The reason this matters is that this is the third time in less than a month that we have seen the relentless Diana-ing of Kate. (The past two cases being her clicks from Royal Ascot and Trooping of Colors earlier this month).”

“But the issue here is that no matter what Kate does, says or wears she is endlessly compared to Diana,” she added.

“Ten years, three children, 33 foreign trips, and one Royal Foundation of her very own later and Kate is still held up against Diana with a bilious regularity,” Elser warned. “It’s a game that Kate can never win.”

“This is a situation which is only going to become magnitudes worse when in the next few years she assumes Diana’s title and becomes the Princess of Wales,” she asserted, urging people that it is “long past time to break this addiction to reading everything Kate-related through a Diana-shaped lens.”

“She deserves that much.”

It is pertinent to mention that the clicks shared over the weekend, date back to November last year when the Duchess of Cambridge visited Pirbright Training Academy. She participated in some of the training exercises and spoke to personnel about their experiences in the Army, during her visit.

Kate also plans to know more about Royal Navy and Royal Air Force ‘in due course’.

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