Monday, October 3, 2022

Shah doubts PM’s role in Sindh-Centre tussle over Rangers powers


Speaking to media in Sukkur this morning, Shah asked whether Mian sahib was involved behind all this mess.

He lamented that “only a specific province [Sindh] is being singled out while other three provinces are left out.”

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Interior minister would also confess any crime if he stays under detention for 15 days, he said in an indirect reference to arrest of PPP bigwig Dr. Asim Hussain.

The senior Pakistan People’s Party leader said Finance Minister Ishaq Dar had also confessed to his role in money laundering.

“Sindh never stirred a fight over Rangers special power,” he maintained.

He appreciated Ranges roles in maintaining peace in Karachi. “Rangers have done a commendable work, government must not let it go in waste,” he said.

He said more cases of terrorism were seen in other provinces than Sindh.  “I will talk to the prime minister once he returns to Pakistan.”

He was of view that a solution needs to be taken on Rangers powers through talks


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