Thursday, December 8, 2022

Kid spends Rs1.1mn on video game from mother’s credit card


A six-year-old boy in the United States who loves playing video games spent nearly $16,000 from his mother’s credit card to purchase more superior features on his favourite video game Sonic Forces.

According to a report, Jessica discovered that the transactions worth $16000 were made in July when her son had started using the iPad for his games and bought add-ons on the games.

Some of the major transactions were made on July 8 when her son made purchases worth $ 2,500 (roughly Rs 1.8 lakh) on a single day.

Unaware of the financial burden of her son’s virtual arsenal bought over the month of July, his mother filed fraud claims after she saw that Apple and Paypal were withdrawing huge sums of money from her account.

However, it was only in October that she was told by Chase that the charges were hers and she needed to get in touch with Apple.

On blaming Apple, she said that her son did not understand that the money was real.


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