Sunday, July 3, 2022

Korangi Causeway road closed for traffic after flooding in Malir River


KARACHI: Korangi Causeway was once again closed for traffic after floodwater from Malir Stream in inundated the road on Tuesday night.

According to the police, the local authorities have blocked the Korangi Causeway for all kind of traffic as the road was submerged under knee-deep floodwater.

Roads going to Korangi from Mehmoodabad and Qayomabad have been closed for the traffic, said the police and added that traffic is being diverted to Jam Sadiq bridge, Brookes and Bilal Chowrangi.

The local authorities informed that the water level at the Malir Stream rose due the rain on Monday.

It is to be mentioned here that the flooding was caused in recent monsoon rainfall in Malir River and rising level of the water swept away the filter wall of the Malir spillway.

The breach in the dyke and flooding had posed threat to Korangi industrial area and the adjacent population, but the situation was controlled by the administration.

The Traffic Police had earlier closed Korangi Causeway for traffic due to the rising water level in Malir River.

Several bikes were also recovered from Korangi Causeway after the water level decreased at the area after heavy downpour in the area.


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