Wednesday, August 10, 2022

KP Govt launches 4 large scale development projects in erstwhile FATA


PESHAWAR: Khyber Pakthunkhwa Government has initiated practical works on four gigantic projects in erstwhile FATA to provide inexpensive electricity to tribal people.

A spokesman of KP Energy and Power Department told APP on Monday that Khyber Pakthunkhwa Government has started work on mega ‘Chapari Darkhel dam in Kurram tribal district with 10.5-megawatt capacity.

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This project would be completed with an estimated cost of Rs 4.4billon in three years.

The spokesman said the KP Energy and Power Department has taken this positive initiative to promote industrialization and agriculture sector through the provision of inexpensive electricity to all consumers at their doorsteps.

The Department has also started work on solarization of mosques and other worship places of minorities in merged areas and has decided to solarize 300 mosques and other worships places of minorities in the first phase in merged areas.

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In every tribal district of erstwhile Fata, he said, 30 mosques and worship places of minorities would be solarized besides 15 each in former frontier regions, saying this project would be completed by December this year.

He said Government would also construct 13 mini solar smart grids in erstwhile Fata to provide uninterrupted power supply to commercial and industrial consumers.

This would promote Small and Medium Entrepreneurship (SMEs), infant industries and economic activities on large scale besides trade and investment.

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The official said these grids would be used in commercial areas including markets, bazaars and other business hubs.

This project was approved by PDWP and would be completed with an estimated cost of Rs 729 million.


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